A Fabric Postcard

This post was initially posted over at Suture for a Living on February 27, 2010, and she did like her postcard.

Intueri recently posted about a book of postcards she received at Christmas.  She offered to send them to anyone who requested one.  I did so as I love postcards.

This prompted me to try to come up with a unique postcard for her (though she never asked for one in return).  I decided to make one – my first ever fabric postcard.  I have read instructions for them now for years, but had yet to do one.  Here two sites with good instructions:  How To Make a Fabric Postcard – Directions Plus… and How To Make A Fabric Postcard DebR Style.

The one I made for Intueri is 4in X 6 in.

The back

I received my postcard from her this past Monday.  I mailed hers the same day.  I hope she likes hers.


About rlbates

plastic surgeon who quilts, loves family, dog person, walks/jogs, a work-in-progress
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2 Responses to A Fabric Postcard

  1. Sanaz says:

    Just like you to be so thoughtful in return 🙂

  2. rlbates says:

    Thanks, Sanaz. 🙂

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