Knitting for Noggins

The photos are from two posts from Suture for a Livings archives (here and here).   Our local children‘s hospital continues to participate in the Knitting for Noggins campaign. During the winter, the hospital gives a hat to each patient leaving the hospital.  Here are some of their specifications:

  • Hats will be collected between September 2010 through March 2011. They ask that a donor form be completed.
  • Keep in mind to use both boy colors as well as girl colors.
  • Their greatest need is for large hats for school-age kids, teens and adults. We ask that hats be approximately the size of an average cantaloupe or larger.  Infant size – at least 16” in circumference.  Child size – at least 18” in circumference.  Teenager size – at least 21” in circumference.
  • Due to infection control, all needlework items must be made out of new materials (not recycled items).
  • We also ask that items be free of any odor or pet hair.
  • Hats can be mailed or delivered your hats to Arkansas Children’s Hospital or deliver your hats to any of the knitting stores listed at ACH website.

The ACH website has a “book of patterns.”  Here are some others:

Bulky Rib Beanies–pattern

Toboggan Hat– pattern

Preemie Stocking Cap– pattern


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