Knitted Miragamo Bag

I finished this knitted Miragamo bag.  I found the pattern for the Miragamo Bag by Georgie Kajer on Ravelry.  I went to my local specialty yarn store to find the hemp yarn as suggested, but they didn’t carry it.  I ended up buying and using Louet Euroflax Chunky Wt. in brown. 

The bag measures 14.5 in wide, 12.5 in high, and 4 in deep.  The handles are Grayson E leather handles.

The bag is fully lined with pockets (6 in wide X 5.25 deep).
The pattern directions called for using plastic canvas to make supporting structure for the bag.  I used Pellon Peltex 70 instead.  I covered each Peltex piece with brown fabric so the white wouldn’t be an issue showing through the linen knit pattern.  Here you can see the band strip.
Here is a photo of the fabric-covered Peltex sewn together to form a “box” which then was sewn into the bag.  This “box” lays between the knitted linen and the lining.  It is indeed the skeleton of the bag.

I wanted extra pockets in the bag.  You know we have cell phone, camera, etc that you don’t want to end up lost in the bottom.
This photo shows the three parts – knitted bag, skeleton, and lining.

Rusty approves! 


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