My Artful Bra

The Artful Bras Project was begun by a guild in South Carolina, and has been a huge success.

A quilt shop I follow on Facebook, Stitchin’ Heaven, is doing a similar project which they call Bras ‘n Boots.  Both as a way to donate and as a challenge to myself (my sewing skills) I offered to make a bra for them. 

The bras will be modeled at a “Dinner & Style Show” on October 16th by male members of the Wood County community (hence the request for size 38C and larger bras).  Tickets are $20

A buffet-style dinner will be provided by The Texas Tea Room, and we’re inviting our local officials and community leaders of Wood County to model the bras for us. Men, of course! Then, as they stroll the crowd, we’ll stuff their bras with dollars to vote for our favorite one!

It’s going to be a really fun night, and the proceeds will benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Tickets are available only until October 1st at Stitchin’ Heaven. Both in our shop, and online.

I began by going to Penney’s to purchase the bra:  38 D.  The sales lady looked at me and smiled “This isn’t for you.”  I smiled back and told her about the project.

The rules for the project stated

Requirements for bra entry can be any style 38+D Bra.

The bra will need to be completely covered inside and out, including straps.

You can embellish the bra in your choice of design and material, but please make it sturdy for display and “wearing”. 

Your bra will need to be hung and pinned on a non-slip hanger so it won’t fall off.

At home, I drafted a pattern for the basic covering of the bra.  To reduce the amount of hand sewing I would need to do, I cut the bra in half in the front so I could pull the bra segment into the fabric bra “tube.”  The straps fortunately disconnected easily and could be threaded into a fabric tube.

The base bra I made from taffeta I had purchased at an estate sale years ago.  I had initially thought I would then cover this with a scarf (see in photo above) I had purchased that looked like confetti, using the fringe and adding beads, etc.

It didn’t seem to be coming together for me as I saw it in my head, so I shifted gears.  I pulled out lace, buttons, scraps, etc looking for inspiration.  I stumbled across some ribbon from a Godiva chocolate box that I had saved.  I found some lovely red scraps of Ultra-suede.  

I bought some glitter glue to add a little more sparkle.

I would love it if some of my Texas friends would actually attend the event.  If you do, please, take and share photos.  Thanks


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