Snail’s Trails or Virginia Reel

I first published this over at Suture for a Living on January 26, 2008.  You know, I don’t remember who got this quilt.


I bought these fabrics to plan an Amish Bars quilt which I ended up using only two of the colors. You can see it here in the post on Marking. I am hand quilting it. Then I needed to use the other and left-over fabric, so I decided to try a Snail’s Trail in the four colors. Snail’s Trail is also known as the Virginia Reel. It can be a challenge keeping the fabrics straight so that the turns of the “trail” stay oriented correctly. There is a nice website (Block Central) that has several blocks put together into a coloring book. These pages can be printed off so that you can play with the colors you want or just color them, so you can keep yours straight. When only using two colors, all the blocks will be the same. When using four colors, the blocks are like this.

This is how I have put mine together. It is 48 inches X 48 inches. I want to put a border around it of the dark brown and lighter brown. Then I plan to machine quilt this one and perhaps use it as a wall hanging quilt. Or if my friend whom I am making the Amish Bars for wants both, I guess I will give him both as he is the one who wanted “mustard yellow” and “brown”.

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1 Response to Snail’s Trails or Virginia Reel

  1. Jabulani says:

    This is lovely. It’s a real change from your other quilts. The colourway is great!

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