Razorback Surgeon’s Caps for a Colleague

The fall issue of Arkansas (Vol 60, No 1), the Arkansas Alumni Association magazine, included a letter from a fellow UA and UAMS alum – Phillip B. Hurley, MD.  He was a year ahead of me at both schools.  He was a fellow physics major.  He is now an orthopedic surgeon in Kentucky.

His letter noted that he had been part of a medical group (Global Outreach International) who went to Haiti shortly after the earthquake.  It included this photo of him wearing Razorback scrubs. 

I felt he needed a matching surgeon’s cap rather than the disposable blue bouffant cap.  It took me a while to find some Razorback fabric as the stores here were all sold out.   I did though and here they are.  I hope he likes them.

Here is photo of me trying it on and you can see why I stick to the disposable caps.  My hair which I am growing back out isn’t easily contained.


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One Response to Razorback Surgeon’s Caps for a Colleague

  1. Jabulani says:

    Love the caps. Reminds me, I need to get sewing and finish a project I started months ago!!

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