Snail’s Tail Quilt

This was first published over at Suture for a Living on June 6, 2008.


This quilt pattern is different from the previous snail’s trail quilt I made. This quilt pattern can be found here.

This quilt is for a friend. I picked out the colors with “I like earth colors” in mind. So in my mind the browns are obviously for the earth. The green for the grasses and trees of the earth. The blues for the rivers, lakes, and oceans. The reds/pink for the sunrises and sunsets.

I debated with myself on which layout I liked best. Each block is 5 in square (finished, 5.5 in with seam allowances).

Here is the finished quilt. It is 40 in X 50 in. Each of the arc pieces are machine pieced and then hand appliqued to a square. The squares were then machine pieced. The machine quilting is overlapping circles in a variegated brown.

Here is a closer shot. I mailed the quilt earlier this week.

About rlbates

plastic surgeon who quilts, loves family, dog person, walks/jogs, a work-in-progress
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2 Responses to Snail’s Tail Quilt

  1. Amanzimtoti says:

    Beautiful. Glad you chose this layout 🙂

  2. Jabulani says:

    This is a lovely quilt too. It’s a very fitting gift for the person it was sent to 😉

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