BC Baby Quilt

This quilt was made of a pack of Benartex Quilter’s Candy fabric squares from my stash.  I have no idea how long they have been there.  The fabric reminds me of 1930s reproduction fabric.  The center is completely made of the BC fabric and white Kona cotton .  The border strip is made of left-over BC pieces augmented with other fabrics from my stash.

The quilt is machine pieced and quilted.  It is 32 in X 38.5 in.  I have given the quilt to a fellow physician blogger who’s wife is pregnant with their first baby.

Here you can see why the fabric looks like 1930s reproduction.
Here is a photo of the back.

About rlbates

plastic surgeon who quilts, loves family, dog person, walks/jogs, a work-in-progress
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2 Responses to BC Baby Quilt

  1. Jabulani says:

    So pretty. Love the white background; makes the colours really stand out.

  2. rlbates says:

    Thank you, Sian. 🙂

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