Pale Flowers Quilt

Recently I received this quilt from Susan as part of the ALQS5.  It is lovely!   It is 8.25 in X 10.75 in.

Here is the back before I sewed on a sleeve so I can hang it.

Here are the posts of the quilts made and received from the first three ALQS.


1st: Laced Ribbons Quilt (went to Pennsylvania, May 2008)

2nd: Flower Basket Quilt (went to Indiana, September 2008)

3rd: Fractures I (went to Australia, June 2009)

4th:  Blue Hawaii Wall Hanging (went to   Great Britain, July 2010)

5th:  Winter  (went to the Netherlands,  January 2011)



1st: I Received My Quilt (from Denver, June 2008)

2nd: It’s Arrived! (from Italy, November 2008)

3rd: Geverfde Quilt (from the Netherlands, August 2009)

4th:  Falling Stars  (from Great Britain, August 2010)


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plastic surgeon who quilts, loves family, dog person, walks/jogs, a work-in-progress
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