“For a New York Beauty” Quilt

This was originally posted over at Suture for a Living on October 24, 2008.


TBTAM sent me a quilt block (bear claw pattern) she found while antiquing.  I have long admired the New York Beauty quilt block.  Her small gift gave me a reason to “tackle” the block and make a small quilt using it.  I did okay, but even using paper piecing some of my points and connections aren’t as nice as I would like.  When I critique my quilts, I sometimes feel as if it’s my own form of M&M.  Despite the imperfections, here it is.

I machine pieced it using the paper piecing method.   The small quilt is 24.5 in X 24.5 in.  The suggested colors (by TBTAM) were red, yellow, blue, and black.  They are all here, though just a small amount of blue.  The quilt is both hand and machine quilted.

This detail photo actually shows the colors better.

Resources for patterns and inspiration:

Quilter’s Corner Club – free New York Beauty block patterns

Mona’s Creativity – My New York Beauty

Donna Duquette – New York Beauty Blocks

Mostly About Quilts – New York Beauty for a Minnesota Beauty

New York Beauty Meets the Orient Quilt (stunning)

New York Beauty Quilt (beautiful)

Peggy Martin Workshop – New York Beauty (several beautiful quilts)

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