Cracker Baby Quilt

Friday, November 21, 2008

This was originally posted over at Suture for a Living on November 21, 2008. 


This past Monday (Nov 17) I mailed this quilt to fellow blogger, Fat Doctor, for the new baby she and her husband are adopting. the baby is due soon. She beat me to posting about the quilt (smile).

I first saw this quilt block pattern, cracker block, over at Kate’s Quilting Blog. She had noted that instructions for it were available here. I bookmarked it. It is a nice block for using fabric that you only have in small amounts (partial or full fat quarters). Each block is 6 in square. This small baby quilt is 42 in X 42 in. I machine pieced and quilted it.

Here is two detail photos. I used a golden yellow thread for the quilting. There are hearts in the center muslin squares and around the border.

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2 Responses to Cracker Baby Quilt

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  2. I love the bright colors!

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