Dallas’ Patriotic Quilt

I made this quilt for my nephew when his mother mentioned the one I had made for him previously was getting quite worn.  This time I chose to make him a patriotic quilt.  I began with the 8-pointed star which was left over from some long forgotten project and used it as the center of the medallion.

The quilt was sort of a personal “round-robin” as I added sections.  The quilt is machine pieced and quilted.  I finished it in October 2003.  It is 77 in X 79 in. 

I want to thank Amy, his mom and my sister-in-law, for taking the photos for me.  Sorry they don’t show the entire quilt.

This shows the center a little better.


As we begin Memorial Day weekend, I want to thank all active and retired military, as well as their families, for the service and sacrifices they have made and make for us all.


About rlbates

plastic surgeon who quilts, loves family, dog person, walks/jogs, a work-in-progress
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