CraftGossip’s Fork and Talk Night

I was invited to attend this event (photo credit) by Scarlett (Quilting editor) who is one of the four local employees of this Australia-based network. The other three are Denise (needlework editor), Stacie (Jewelry Making editor) and Anne (Sewing editor).  It was sponsored by and EKSuccess.

I enjoyed meeting other women who blog and love to make things with their hands.  I sat next to Barbara Moore who is a gourd artist from Flippin, Arkansas who blogs at Mo(o)re Gourd Whimsies.  Her work is exquisite!   Here is a sample of it from her blog header:

After having a great lunch (food by Trio’s), we were split from our original tables.  The new groups then decorated hats together.  My group didn’t win, but I liked ours.  Seen here, modeled by Suzanne who blogs at UnRuffled  (sorry I can’t a link to her blog).  She is a newly graduated respiratory therapist.

Then we were asked to try out this craft kit.  The kit includes the needle and thread as well as the die-cut fabric pieces needed to create the bows.  You then have a choice of it being a barrette or a pin.  The hardware is included for each.
It was amazing the goodies we were given to take home.  Not much in the way of fabric or yarn (my favorite mediums), but I love the acid-free pens and the scissors!
Here are some of the things I did bring home (I gave twice as much to a woman who puts craft kits together for the cystic fibrosis patients at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  I wish I had given her all of my stuff (well, not the pens and scissors).

This bead kits look wonderful for kids (which I don’t have).  I think Methodical Madness’ will like them.
These stickers would be great for a scrap booker or maybe my teenage niece will like them.
These kits would be great fun to do with kids.
I did find some possible quilt inspiration in thumbing through the beading booklet.


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2 Responses to CraftGossip’s Fork and Talk Night

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  2. Suzanne says:

    So glad to meet you, I had such a blast too!!! Great post!

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