Jacket with Rushed Roses

This was originally posted over at Suture for a Living on November 20, 2009.


Last week I showed you a coat I made for a wool sewing contest that didn’t win.  I did win (a different year) with this one.  The fabric is a wool blend, approximately 65% wool (if I remember correctly).  The entire jacket is underlined (or in other words, I fused a light-weight interfacing to the fabric before cutting out the jacket) to add weight to the fabric so it would support the roses.  The jacket is lined with a bound buttonhole.

The ruched roses are done differently from the ones on the quilt top I mentioned early in my blogging life (I need to return to that top, no progress has been made on it).  [How to ruche – free tutorial.]

At the time I made the jacket, I had found a Hallmark card with a ladybug pin on it.  I bought two and used them on my jacket.

This is the pattern I used to make the jacket.  I won a couple of yards of wool fabric and a pair of Gingher applique scissors.


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One Response to Jacket with Rushed Roses

  1. jabulani9 says:

    Beautiful jacket! I love the roses; I’ve kept the page and will try some myself. 🙂

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