Rainbow Blooming Nine Patch

This was originally posted over at Suture for a Living on January 29, 2010.



My friend Vivian asked me to make a quilt for her grand-daughter K.  Vivian speaks of K as her daughter and is raising her as such.  K’s mother (Vivian’s daughter) died a few years ago leaving both of them stunned with grief.   Yet Vivian is one of the most hopeful, resilient people I know.  I was very happy to make the quilt for her.

I choose to make her a bright quilt.  The result is this rainbow blooming nine patch.  It is 45 in X 54 in.  It is machine pieced and quilted.

This near photo shows some of the very simple cross-hatched quilting done.

I found some wonderful fabric for the backing/binding which looks to me like fireworks exploring in all the colors of the rainbow.  

The world needs more people like Vivian.

About rlbates

plastic surgeon who quilts, loves family, dog person, walks/jogs, a work-in-progress
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