WIP — African Whole Cloth Quilt

A friend from high school gave me some gorgeous fabric from her travels.  She was cleaning out her closets and I won the lottery.  This gorgeous fabric is from the African continent (the stickers fell off so I don’t know for sure which country).   It measures approximately 56 in X 76 in (photo only shows part of it).  I couldn’t bring myself to cut it up into smaller pieces so have decided to make a whole cloth quilt. 

I felt the animals and trees needed to be three dimensional, so have opted to use the trapunto method of sewing polyfil batting to the fabric and then trimming around each piece to remove the batting from areas that aren’t meant to “stand out.” 

I then made a quilt sandwich of the quilt front, cotton batting (Hobbs), and the quilt back (which is a lovely green though the below photo has washed it out).  I am now in the process of machine quilting the piece.  I’m using outline or echo quilting.

Nice reference videos

ABC’s of Quilting, Trapunto 101, Part 1

ABC’s of Quilting, Trapunto 101, Part 2


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