Family Autograph Quilt

My paternal grandmother pieced this quilt.  She pieced quilt tops for all of the grandkids.  Mine was a log cabin which I’ll show you in a few weeks.  This was an extra one, I won the draw.   It has the names of all her children and their children, some friends (or else family member I don’t know), and towns in the area embroidered on it.  She also put some Bible verse on the quilt.  I would love to know why these verses meant enough to her to put them on the quilt.  She died August 1981, early in my senior year in medical school, from peritoneal carcinomatosis.  She didn’t have much trust in doctors/hospitals, so when she finally sought help and surgery was done, it was an open and then close.  Her abdomen was completely seeded with tumor.  My Aunt Earlene doesn’t know what the primary was and her death certificate doesn’t say either.

Anyway, I love the quilt.  It measures 67 in X 91 in.
Here’s the one with my name (mispelled– Romona).  Smile
and this one is my dad’s block
and this has my brother John’s and sister Susan’s names
In our family there were two Randy’s, my brother and a cousin (younger, often referred to as little Randy).  My grandmother put my brother with our Mom (the yellow block) and my cousin with one of his sister’s (the blue block),
These next three contain Bible verses.  As mentioned above, I would love to know why she choses them. 
and this  (Mark 13:18)


and this (Matthew 22: 14)

My grandmother pieced the quilt top, my mother and sister Cathy did the quilting during my first year in college.

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