Progress Notes — WIPs

I’m making progress knitting the Swirl jacket I began over a month ago.  It’s either going to be wonderful or a big mess.  Not sure at the moment.  Here’s what it looks like now

Also working on a new quilting project.  It’s a “repeat” of one I made a few years ago — “You Melt My Heart.”  It was inspired by Movin Meat’s post:  Fearful Symmetry.  As before, I took the EKG (photo credit), printed it out, enlarged a small segment and used it for the quilt. 

The first one never sold on Etsy, so I donated it to my old medical school for the silent auction at my 30th medical school reunion.  Then I ran into a cardiologist friend, the conversation somehow turned to quilts and I showed him the photo of the quilt (based on an EKG).  He commented that he would like to make a bid on it, so I “won” the quilt at the auction and gave it to him.  I almost ended up in a bidding war with a young hospitalist who liked the quilt.  I apologized and told her why I wanted it back, she gave in.  I promised to make her another.

Since I no longer have the same fabrics as the first version, I laid out some fabrics trying to decide on how this one should look.  I ended up choosing the two on the left for the heart.


I like this for the background but don’t have enough to do the binding as well, so will need to make a trip to the fabric store and try to find something that will work as well or better.


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plastic surgeon who quilts, loves family, dog person, walks/jogs, a work-in-progress
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