Step Baby Quilt — WIP

This quilt top will become a baby quilt for my yoga instructor.  I’ve been going to free classes at the local library on Saturday mornings since November.  She announced recently she and her family are adopting a baby due early June.  This will be my way of “paying” her for the free lessons.

For this quilt top I used the step pattern from block lotto blog.  The top is machine pieced.  It measures 42 in square. 

Each block features something of interest — a robot, a dog, a cat, a girl, etc.

Now I have to do the quilting.


About rlbates

plastic surgeon who quilts, loves family, dog person, walks/jogs, a work-in-progress
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5 Responses to Step Baby Quilt — WIP

  1. This is such a fun quilt. My great niece drags her favourite quilt that I made everywhere with her. I’m sure the new baby will do the same with yours 🙂 Avis x

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  4. Jen Johnston says:

    Thank you Ramona for making me the happy recipient of the “Baby Step” quilt. It is as well done as it is creative. I’m so honored by your thoughtfulness! Merci Beaucoup! As Fancy Nancy would say! (Fancy Nancy is featured on the quilt and is among the many books my girls love!)
    Sincerely, Jen Johnston

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