Butterfly Quilt–WIP

This quilt has been a WIP off and on for years.  I purchased the butterfly blocks more than 15 yrs ago as a quilt top.  I wish I have taken a photo of the quilt top for documentation purposes, but alas I did not.   The blocks were set together with blocks of yellow fabric like this photo shows which I did not find flattering.  I undid the quilt and set the blocks aside — 16 of them, though I have only used 12 in this quilt.  I like these fabrics, just not with the butterflies.

Soon after I sketched out a new setting which is close to what I have actually used.  I found the fabrics I wanted to use — a dark blue with red roses for the sashing which I have since used in other projects and a beige floral with red, blue, and green which I used for other projects saving some for this one.  Unfortunately, I did not save enough and had to “make do” with another fabric for two of the blocks.   I ended up using the bottom left as the substitute fabric.
I have finished piecing the quilt top, made the quilt sandwich of top/batting/backing, and have begun the marking and quilting.   

I will mark more area than I can quilt with one bobbin of thread, do that quilting, then mark more.  I do this when I have to use chalk marking (for the dark areas) as I find it fades too much if I mark too far ahead.


About rlbates

plastic surgeon who quilts, loves family, dog person, walks/jogs, a work-in-progress
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