Winter Blues Scarf and Blue Globe Hat

A few weeks ago I bought several skeins of yarn from an estate sale.  I am now trying to find projects to make using the yarn which will only need the amount I have.  All the yarns are now discontinued so I will have a difficult if not impossible time getting more if I’m not careful.  These two projects were made using some of the yarn.

The first one I call the “winter blues” scarf as it was knit during some of the not so nice winter snow and ice that came through.  The yarn is Classic Elite Yarns Fame.  I had about 1.9 skeins.  The pattern is Rainbow Arches Pooling Stole by Gladys We with far fewer stitches so the scarf is narrow.  It measures 7 in X 58 in.

Here is another view of the scarf.


This hat using some blue yarn of unknown fiber.  I think is a cotton blend.   The pattern is Hermione’s Globe Hat by Margie Mitchell.


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